Are you ready for the truth, nothing but the truth?

Have we met before? Welcome back. If not, then let me rewind a little my name is Nina Babel. I’m a YouTuber, blogger, founder of the 28-Day Period Lifestyle, and Keep it 100 Girl Podcast.
So, there’s a lot our Mothers didn’t tell us and that’s exactly why you’re here, right?
Let me give it to you straight, no chaser. The way a woman handles her relationships, sex, dating, and health is an extension of how she handles herself.
Deep, isn’t it? Inhale for a second.

Are you going to lie down and get run over by life, or are you going to take control and slide into the driver’s seat? That’s what I thought.

Learn what women like you are thinking, but not saying out loud about their own real life personal bloopers when it comes to puberty, sex, love, and dating!

I help women in their 20s and beyond find out what’s really normal when it comes to their puberty, love, sex, health and dating. No assumptions here, just real talk about all the sensitive relatable questions you’re embarrassed, or afraid to ask, when it comes to your life. In my 20s, all I had to go off of was incomplete information about being a woman. TI learned through trial and error and with no guidance about how to nurture my health.

From the The Period Diet to my signature Youtube Channel, and the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast. I’ve got you 100% covered.


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Learn what your Mother didn’t tell you, but you girlfriend did about love, sex, dating, and your body.