What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You,
But Your Girlfriend Did.

What bad advice, scare tactics, or myths do you remember being told by your Mother? We misread them. We misinterpret them. As a result, we make mistakes. You are here because you can relate.

The book focuses on times in all our lives when you didn’t have a clue and what happens when your given little to no advice, but the only person you felt comfortable asking is your girlfriend.
Me too.

By “no clue”, I mean all of it pretty much revolves around sex, feminine hygiene, body image, and sexual health. Each chapter tells a story of everyday women who face their share of challenges or were forced to adjust turning a negative into a positive.
Here’s why I am different. I am not going to come off clinical or boring. If you enjoy a good sense of unfiltered humor, your in the right place. Learn what women are thinking, but are to shy, nervous, or embarrassed to say or ask out loud about puberty, love, sex, and relationships.

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Learn what your Mother didn't tell you, but your girlfriend did about love, sex, dating, and your body.