Are you ready for a pain free, bloat free, flawless period? You’re only 7 days away. (It’s FREE)



This is not a trick question. Let’s get real…

Code Red, PMS’g, Red Rain, Cotton Club, The Big P-Day, whatever you like to call it…all of us who’ve been there know it’s a party we could do without.

Who wants to spend 2000+ days of their life with cramps, bloating, tender boobies and well, other unmentionables. And then there’s the PMS. Nope. No fun. No fun at all ladies.


• Fabulous + Fearless Ladies who are all about taking the bull by the horns and taking control of their bodies back.
• Positive Women who are “up” with self love and radical self care.
• Ladies who are ready to join a global Period Posse of like minded cycle sisters.
• Women who are ready to say goodbye to cramps, bloating, acne and emotional rollercoaster rides.
• Seekers who’ve had it with the merry-go-round of pills, shots, and patches and know there’s got to be a better way to green your period.


It means you can say buh-bye to letting your symptoms get in between you and your family relationships, career, friends, sex, health, or everyday living.
After you sign up for the 7-Day Mini Period Program you’ll receive:

7-Day Meal Plan – Who has time these days to plan their own meals? This kit (designed by your truly) is packed with 7 days worth of meal plans, including natural healthy alternatives and healing food therapy. So you can live your life and not have to think about your next meal.

There’s juices and smoothie recipes geared towards the prevention and treatment of common PMS symptoms depending on your phase of life (physical, emotional, or behavioral).

Simple Shopping Lists – This is not another one of those cray cray shopping lists that will send you to ten different stores. We’ve handpicked select items that are accessible and easy for you to find at a nearby grocery store or online. The shopping lists are available digitally upon joining the mini-program, so you can fully and easily commit to this journey.

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, we got you covered with delish menus and some bonus beauty treats to enhance your new glowing skin. With a stamp of approval from our period program team these menu items target estrogen deficiencies and dominance along with hormonal balancing.

Immediate Access to Girl Circle (Private Online Group) – We’ve created an exclusive online Girl Circle of friends to support you and hold you accountable. You didn’t think we’d let you go in alone, did you? Every day you will be able to participate in the 7-Day check in to share your easy wins, not so easy victories, or epic failures.


Most of us suck it up and accept our monthly journey and agree to fall into line. No questions asked. We’re women. That’s the cross we bear. It’s just one of life’s little trade offs.

Well, I’m here to say hell noooooo!! In fact, I’m here to say, yes, you can turn the tables on your period.

You’re not alone if you feel like the week of your period is the most difficult time of the month. The focus of the program is to get you hormonally balanced and connect you with a Period Posse of women ready to take charge of their bodies.

I am like you, but I surrounded myself with a team of medical experts specializing in women’s reproductive health to reinforce my voice and message. I’m just an ordinary woman with a voice, message, mission, and a story to tell.

I learned how to nourish my body and soothe my hormonal house through diet and exercise like a boss. My cramps got the smack down they deserved through my newfound and deep knowledge of supplements and herbs.

My zen muscles were built up, so I could weather any hormonal storm. I said bye bye to bloat and acne and now not only can I face the world makeup free, I can a rock a bikini no matter what time of the month. Learning balance on all levels taught me that I could be besties with Aunt Flo, leaving me acting like a boss.

The 7-Day Period Diet was created for women that want to have real conversations about their body and how to treat it. It’s a lifestyle program backed up with solid nutritional tips and fun exercise advice that will leave you feeling like a boss in control of your period— (sigh of relief) finally!

Here’s why. You may not realize it, but you’re the expert when it comes to your menstrual cycle and hormones. Because you know your symptoms, habits, and routines, I will share in the 7-Day Period Diet what will serve you best. I’m all about the “no-pill” health solutions that work better than taking prescriptions unless absofrigginlutely necessary. It’s time to ditch the midol, antibiotics, ibuprofen.

This is just a taste. Are you ready for seven days of powerful, beauty activating, balance inducing, bliss enhancing tools and tips that will not only transform the experience of your monthly cycle, but will also transform your relationship to yourself? Then, you are so in the right place.

After graduation, you will get a special invite to enroll in remainder of the paid The Period Diet to manage your period like a boss.

Learn what your Mother didn't tell you, but your girlfriend did about love, sex, dating, and your body.