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The biggest takeaway is kicking a man to the curb is a mental process women undergo way in advance. In this episode, I give you access to what women are thinking. I help both women (and men) celebrate embarrassment in all aspects of their lives. There’s no manual on this peeps which is one of the reasons I have people come forward sharing their personal real life experiences. For those of you who are too shy, nervy, or embarrassed, I gotcha covered. Every body has a chapter they don’t read out loud.

In today’s episode you’re going to learn:

  1. A woman’s tolerance level
  2. 80/20 rule of relationships
  3. Set up words to avoid before the breakup
  4. The ummm moments
  5. No Hamster Wheel Dating here


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My absolute fave is the after-hours portion following each episode. Each week I ask listeners one question. This week’s question: Do you have a low or high tolerance level when it comes to kicking your future ex to the curb?

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She physically resides in Washington, DC Metro Area, but mentally on a beach. She is devoted to empowering young women, who are in a pivotal time of their lives to celebrate every facet of embarrassment. Nina speaks to young women about socially and sexually awkward topics related to love, sex, dating, and sexual health. Nina can be found laughing the loudest, finishing a cup of Cold Stone Creamery, or traveling somewhere exotic with a beach. You can find more of her brand on https://ninababel.com.

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