I am Nina Babel of the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast. In case you’re wondering, keep it 100 means I keep it real and I keep it true. On my podcast, we overshare. No filters. I am your go-to girlfriend. I talk to my listeners like I talk to my own girlfriends and guy friends.

This is a super short 5 minute episode of my own real life keep it 100 inspirational moments to get your day started or weekend jumpstarted.

Today’s topic: Now that I have time. Listening to that internal voice.

You’re not human if you don’t admit to having regrets in life. We have a habit of beating ourselves up for the worst ones. In this episode, I shared my worst ranking regret that hovers over me like a dark cloud. I have my good and bad days, but the biggest personal takeaway is that I value the meaning of time now more than ever.

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Keep it 100.